Photo: Hummingbirds

Giving Opportunities In Support of Hummingbirds

This capacity-building project urgently needs support staff to conduct basic and applied conservation research. In order to make it work, we will require funding to provide core salary to support 2 staff, 1 postdoctoral fellow, and 1 graduate student. We also need funds to support fieldwork and maintenance for a hummingbird sample bank. Our annual budget is $350 K. 

With your support, the UC Davis Hummingbird Health and Conservation Program will build a solid infrastructure foundation from which outside funding can be generated.  In addition to helping the birds, your funding will be substantially leveraged with the participation of volunteer citizen scientists, and University of California, Davis, undergraduate and graduate students/interns within a variety of disciplines, such as engineering, design, veterinary medicine, wildlife fish and conservation biology, and the professional writing minor. 

 Future studies that the program will embark upon include:

  1. Establishing anatomic traits that definitively allows speciation of hummingbirds
  2. Hummingbirds’ exposure to heavy metals and pesticides
  3. Assessment of immunological function of hummingbirds
  4. Pathological findings of California hummingbirds
  5. Identification and prevalence of tail mites in Anna's hummingbirds

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